July 4, 2022 Off

Apple’s and Microsoft’s weaknesses revealed during their developers’ conferences

By John

Two of the largest tech companies in the world recently presented their developers' conference exhibits. These events are mainly focused on developers and intend to bring valuable information like how to tackle problems and the company’s position towards such problems.
In 2022, these events showed these providers’ approaches unveiling both their strengths and weaknesses.
Microsoft Build and Apple’s Worldwide Developers' Conference

June 7, 2022 Off

What’s new in the metaverse today?

By John

The word ‘metaverse’ is becoming more and more popular in the IT world and giants such as Facebook and Microsoft are showing increasing interest in the matter. The term was used for the first time in 1992 by the writer Neal Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash. At the time, the metaverse was a science fiction fantasy similar to Jules Verne’s electric submarine...

May 16, 2022 Off

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming to support keyboard and mouse

By John

Microsoft has announced a new update of its xCloud that will include mouse and keyboard support and important latency improvements. Thus, Xbox fans can get ready to enjoy a better gaming experience with the help of this tech giant. In this entry, we explore these changes and analyse their advantages.
What is Xbox Cloud Gaming?
Xbox Cloud Gaming or simply xCloud is another one of Microsoft’s popular...

April 13, 2022 Off

Windows Zero-day vulnerability discovered

By John

Earlier this month, a zero-day vulnerability was found in one of Microsoft's tools. The finding was made by an independent cybersecurity company called nao_sec which analyses suspicious software. The threat seemed to be hidden in one of Microsoft’s most popular tools.
Zero-day attack and software vulnerability explained
As its name suggests, software vulnerabilities are flaws or defects in a given software...

March 10, 2022 Off

Welcome to Techtir.ie

By John

At Techtir.ie we are fully dedicated to the IT world. We are a group of programmers who have been in this industry for over ten years and have experience in programming, product development, UX/UI, and data management. We come from one of the leading IT cities in the UK, Cambridge, and value constant development and hard work.
Our group...